About Us

The IDC.EDU.PL is one of the nation’s top public research universities. Our ideas, solutions and collaborations make communities and economies stronger. The opportunities and skills we provide make lives better. We envision a better world and we’re determined to build it.

We are inspired by the art, music, literature, architecture and other creative works that enrich our lives. But creativity is not limited to the arts and humanities; it is no less important to the sciences, driving innovation and new technologies. A creative environment stimulates original thought, varied perspectives and new ways of looking at things. Creative people and approaches lead to new ideas, improved outcomes and other valuable contributions that make our lives better.

We care about the safety, health and well-being of those around us. We support an open exchange of ideas and respect the unique perspectives and contributions that each of us provides. As a community of individuals, our diversity is our strength. We help nourish an inclusive environment where equity, opportunity, representation and civility are valued. Respecting our differences creates better understanding of our shared humanity, the foundation of our mission to build a better world.

We believe in fostering a culture among our faculty, staff and students that promotes a healthy balance.

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