Baylor University Campus Map: Your Guide to Campus Life

Embark on a virtual tour of Baylor University’s vibrant campus through our comprehensive Baylor University campus map. This interactive guide unveils the landmarks, facilities, and amenities that shape the daily life of students, faculty, and visitors alike. Dive into the heart of campus life and discover the spaces that foster academic excellence, student engagement, and community spirit.

From iconic academic buildings to state-of-the-art student life facilities, our map provides an insider’s perspective on the university’s physical environment. Navigate seamlessly through the campus grounds, exploring the rich tapestry of architectural styles, historical significance, and modern conveniences that make Baylor University a destination for learning, living, and thriving.

Campus Overview

Baylor University’s campus spans 1,000 acres in Waco, Texas, and is a blend of historic and modern architecture. The campus is home to over 120 buildings, including academic buildings, residence halls, athletic facilities, and a variety of student life amenities.

The campus is divided into four main areas: the Academic Quadrangle, the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Hankamer School of Business, and the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. The Academic Quadrangle is the heart of the campus and is home to many of the university’s academic buildings, including the Moody Memorial Library, the Sid Richardson Science Building, and the Castellaw Communications Center.

Key Landmarks

  • Moody Memorial Library: The Moody Memorial Library is the largest library on campus and houses over 2 million volumes. It is also home to the Armstrong Browning Library, which houses a collection of rare books and manuscripts related to the Victorian poets Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

  • Sid Richardson Science Building: The Sid Richardson Science Building is a state-of-the-art science building that houses the departments of biology, chemistry, and physics. It is also home to the Baylor University Science Museum.
  • Castellaw Communications Center: The Castellaw Communications Center is a state-of-the-art communications building that houses the departments of journalism, public relations, and advertising. It is also home to the Baylor University Student Media Center.
  • Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies: The Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies is a unique college that offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs. It is home to the Honors College, the School of Education, and the School of Social Work.
  • Hankamer School of Business: The Hankamer School of Business is a top-ranked business school that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. It is home to the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Louise Herrington School of Nursing: The Louise Herrington School of Nursing is a top-ranked nursing school that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. It is home to the Baylor University Medical Center.


Facility Description
Student Union Building The Student Union Building is the center of student life on campus. It is home to a variety of student organizations, as well as dining options, a movie theater, and a bowling alley.
Bill Daniel Student Center The Bill Daniel Student Center is a state-of-the-art recreation center that offers a variety of fitness and recreation options, including a swimming pool, a weight room, and a basketball court.
Mayborn Museum Complex The Mayborn Museum Complex is a natural history museum that houses a variety of exhibits on topics such as paleontology, geology, and zoology. It is also home to the Strecker Museum, which houses a collection of over 100,000 insect specimens.
Baylor Stadium Baylor Stadium is the home of the Baylor Bears football team. It is a 45,000-seat stadium that is also used for concerts and other events.

Academic Buildings

Baylor university campus map

Baylor University’s campus is home to a wide variety of academic buildings, each with its own unique architecture, history, and purpose. These buildings provide a stimulating and supportive environment for learning, research, and creative expression.

The oldest academic building on campus is Old Main, which was completed in 1854. This iconic building has served as the centerpiece of campus for over 150 years and is now home to the university’s administration offices. Other notable academic buildings include the Hankamer School of Business, which is housed in a modern glass and steel structure, and the Moody Library, which is one of the largest private university libraries in the country.

Academic Buildings

  • Old Main(1854): The oldest academic building on campus, now houses the university’s administration offices.
  • Carroll Science Building(1955): Home to the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
  • Hankamer School of Business(1995): A modern glass and steel structure housing the university’s business school.
  • Moody Library(1953): One of the largest private university libraries in the country.
  • Sid Richardson Building(1951): Home to the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Cashion Academic Center(2008): A state-of-the-art academic building with classrooms, laboratories, and research facilities.
  • Mayborn Museum Complex(2015): A museum dedicated to natural history, culture, and art.

Student Life Facilities: Baylor University Campus Map


Baylor University provides a comprehensive range of facilities to enhance the student life experience on campus. These facilities cater to the diverse needs of students, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

From dining halls that offer a variety of culinary options to comfortable residence halls and state-of-the-art recreation centers, Baylor’s student life facilities are designed to support the academic, social, and personal growth of its students.

Dining Halls

Baylor University operates several dining halls across campus, offering a wide selection of meal options to suit various dietary preferences and tastes. These dining halls provide convenient and affordable dining services for students, faculty, and staff.

Dining Hall Location Cuisine Hours of Operation
Penland Dining Hall North Russell Street American, International 7:00 AM


00 PM

Foster Dining Hall South Russell Street American, Mexican 7:30 AM


The Baylor University campus map provides a comprehensive overview of the campus grounds, including building locations, parking areas, and pedestrian walkways. For those seeking a similar resource for Clemson University, I recommend visiting the clemson university campus map. Returning to the Baylor University campus map, it’s worth noting the interactive features that allow users to search for specific buildings or points of interest.

30 PM

Brooks Dining Hall Brooks College Mediterranean, Asian 11:00 AM


00 PM

Starbucks Union Building Coffee, Tea, Pastries 7:00 AM


00 PM

Residence Halls

Baylor University offers a variety of on-campus housing options to accommodate the needs of its students. Residence halls range from traditional dormitory-style rooms to apartment-style living spaces, providing a comfortable and supportive living environment for students.

Residence Hall Location Room Type Amenities
Brooks College North Russell Street Traditional Dorms Shared Bathrooms, Laundry Facilities
University Village South Russell Street Apartment-Style Private Bathrooms, Kitchenettes
Barnett Hall Brooks College Suite-Style Private Bedrooms, Shared Bathrooms
Honors Residential College North Russell Street Traditional Dorms Academic Support, Social Programs

Recreation Centers, Baylor university campus map

Baylor University provides two state-of-the-art recreation centers for students to stay active and healthy. These facilities offer a wide range of fitness equipment, group fitness classes, and recreational activities.

Recreation Center Location Amenities Hours of Operation
McLane Student Life Center South Russell Street Fitness Center, Pool, Climbing Wall 6:00 AM


00 PM

Barnett Recreation Center Brooks College Fitness Center, Basketball Courts 8:00 AM


00 PM

Student Unions

Baylor University’s student unions serve as central gathering places for students to socialize, study, and participate in various student organizations and activities.

Student Union Location Amenities Hours of Operation
Bill Daniel Student Center North Russell Street Food Court, Bookstore, Meeting Rooms 8:00 AM


00 AM

Brooks College Student Union Brooks College Lounge Areas, Study Spaces, Event Spaces 8:00 AM


00 PM

Transportation and Parking

Baylor University offers various transportation options to facilitate the movement of students, faculty, staff, and visitors across the campus.

The transportation system includes buses, shuttles, and designated parking areas. These services aim to provide convenient, efficient, and sustainable mobility solutions within the university campus.

Bus Services

Baylor University operates a fleet of buses that provide regular transportation services throughout the campus and its surrounding areas.

  • Campus Shuttles:Complimentary shuttle buses operate on fixed routes, connecting academic buildings, residence halls, and other campus facilities.
  • Waco Transit System (WTS):Baylor University has partnered with WTS to offer discounted bus passes to students, faculty, and staff. WTS buses provide transportation to various destinations in the Waco area.


Baylor University provides designated parking areas for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

  • Student Parking:Students can purchase parking permits for designated student parking areas. These permits allow students to park in specific lots or garages.
  • Faculty and Staff Parking:Faculty and staff members are assigned parking spaces based on their job responsibilities and seniority.
  • Visitor Parking:Visitors to the university can park in designated visitor parking areas. These areas may require payment or a parking permit.

A campus map is available online, providing detailed information about transportation routes, parking areas, and other campus facilities.

Campus Safety

Baylor University prioritizes the safety and well-being of its campus community. To ensure a secure environment, the university has implemented comprehensive safety measures, including:

  • Security Patrols:24/7 patrols by Baylor Police Department officers on foot, bicycle, and vehicles monitor campus grounds and respond to emergencies.
  • Emergency Procedures:Emergency call boxes and text alerts provide immediate access to assistance during emergencies. The university also conducts regular drills to ensure preparedness.
  • Crime Prevention Programs:Educational campaigns and initiatives promote crime awareness and prevention strategies, such as reporting suspicious activity and securing valuables.


Baylor university campus map

Baylor University is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive campus for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Several accessibility features are available to ensure that everyone can fully participate in campus life.

All buildings on campus are wheelchair accessible, and ramps and elevators are available to provide access to all floors. Accessible restrooms are also available in all buildings.

Accessible Routes

A map of accessible routes on campus is available on the university website. The map shows the location of ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms. It also provides information about accessible parking spaces.

Last Word


As you explore the Baylor University campus map, you’ll gain an intimate understanding of the vibrant community that calls this campus home. Whether you’re a prospective student envisioning your future here or a seasoned alum reminiscing about your time on campus, this map serves as a timeless companion, guiding you through the physical and emotional landscape of Baylor University.

FAQ Compilation

What is the best way to navigate the Baylor University campus?

The interactive Baylor University campus map is your go-to resource for navigating the campus grounds. With its user-friendly interface and detailed information, you can easily locate buildings, facilities, and points of interest.

Where can I find academic buildings on the Baylor University campus?

The map features a comprehensive listing of academic buildings, complete with their locations and descriptions. Explore the architectural styles, historical significance, and purpose of each building, gaining a deeper appreciation for the university’s academic landscape.

What student life facilities are available on the Baylor University campus?

Discover the vibrant student life facilities that cater to your well-being and engagement. From dining halls and residence halls to recreation centers and student unions, the map provides a comprehensive overview of the spaces designed to support your academic and personal growth.

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